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Wrap Up: April/May

I thought maybe it would be interesting to do a wrap up of everything I made that month! This time I’m doing 2 months, but I’m hoping to make this a monthly thing 🙂


April was a great month crochet-wise. King’s Day was April 27th and I ended up selling almost everything I had. In total, I think I sold about 30 crown brooches and 20 plushies or keychains. I also met some people who were interested in buying custom plushies, so I was happy I had made some business cards the night before, while I also got some information stated on the paystub for our business too.

The day after King’s Day, I even got an Etsy order for a bunny keychain I already sold (but forgot to remove from my Etsy shop), so I rushed to make another. The buyer ended up giving me 5 stars and thought it was fast shipping, so that made me extra happy!


One of the persons I met at King’s Day was interested in buying a rattle shaped like a diamond. Since I could not find a nice pattern, I ended up making a pattern myself. If someone is interested, I have written out the pattern, it just needs to be tested. This was also the first time making something with a rattle inside, but I’m quite happy with the result!

After this, I made another rattle: a bell pepper (using this free pattern). It took a while before I understood how to shape the bell pepper, but I think it turned out great 🙂 The receipient really loved it, here is a little video where you can hear the noise it makes.

I also spend a lot of time making the perfect plane pattern. As you can see on the picture above, I made lots of planes before I settled on a design :). The design will be available as a free pattern on this blog once I get it tested! I also tried my hand at making baskets with fabric yarn. For the blue round basket, I just made half a cylinder. The other two baskets have handles and are made using this pattern.

For Mother’s Day, my mother and sold handmade stuff at a Mother’s Day market. Because the brooches worked so well at King’s Day, I made special Mother’s Day brooches. I wrote the pattern myself, so I will try to place it as a free pattern on this blog soon. I’m happy with how they look and they only took 10 minutes per brooche from start to finish, but unfortunately I didn’t sell anything at that market…

The last 2 weeks of may were spend on vacation in Croatia! It was absolutely lovely, but I didn’t do a lot of crochet. I did bring my crochet kit, but there were so many things to do that I just didn’t find time to crochet, so the only thing I made was a small beaver and a lilleliis cat.

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    1. Thank you! I immediately bought more things to make rattles, because it’s such a nice way to make something special 🙂

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