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Free pattern: Ethanol molecule

You can make any molecule using this pattern! I made an ethanol molecule for a friend because it looks like a dog and she studies chemistry 🙂 This was one of the first patterns I made and I found it while cleaning my room. This also explains why the picture is such bad quality …

This is what the molecule looks like, but of course you can also make other molecules by making a different amount of balls.

I made 2 large blue balls, 1 large red ball and 6 small white balls. After sewing these together, I wrapped some black yarn around the transition between the balls.

Large ball
  1. 6sc in ring (6)
  2. sc, inc5 (11)
  3. [inc, sc]5x, sc (16)
  4. sc3, inc, sc5, inc, sc4, inc, sc (19)
  5. sc8, inc, sc9, inc (21)
  6. sc21 (21)
  7. sc3, dec, sc8, dec, sc4 (19)
  8. sc5, dec, sc4, dec, sc4, dec (16)
  9. sc, [dec, sc]5x (11)
  10. sc, dec5 (6)
  11. Finish off
Small ball
  1. 5sc in ring (5)
  2. inc5 (10)
  3. [inc, sc2, inc, sc]2x (14)
  4. sc7, inc, sc6 (15)
  5. dec, sc13 (14)
  6. [dec, sc2, dec, sc]2x (10)
  7. dec5 (5)
  8. Finish off


4 thoughts on “Free pattern: Ethanol molecule

  1. Hello, I just started doing crochet and I love that idea. Can you please tell me how do you do the black parts and how do you connect them?
    I do appreciate.

    1. I sewed the parts to each other and wrapped some black yarn around it to get the black part! I hope you like the pattern

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