amigurumi, applique

Free pattern: Flower with leaf

If you don’t understand the abbreviations used, you can find them in my faq. If something is between brackets, it means you have to do all in one stitch.

You can use any yarn and hook you want, I used cotton yarn with a 2,5 hook. Just make sure you use the right hook size for your yarn, here you can find out how to find the right hook size.

If something is unclear, you can also watch the video below!


1. hdc5 in magic ring (5)
if you want a two-colored flower, you change color here
2. (in one stitch: slst, ch2, dc, tc, dc, ch2) 5x, slst


ch5, turn
start in second stitch from hook: (hdc, dc), dc, hdc, sc,
ch2, in 2nd from hook: slst, turn
sc, hdc, dc, (dc, hdc)

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