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Free Pattern: Crown appliques

In almost one month it’s Koningsdag (King’s Day) in the Netherlands. On Koningsdag, we celebrate the birth of our king by selling all our old junk and eating and drinking on the streets.

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Every year, you can sell stuff on the streets, so this year I decided to make some cute crown brooches. I’m doing this by making crown appliques, strengthen them with spray starch and sewing a pin to the back.

So now for the patterns… I used 100% cotton yarn, a little golden thread and a little silver thread all at the same time to give these crowns some extra shimmer :). My bought my metallic thread at the Action some time ago, but you can buy it at many different places.

For the fancy and simple crowns, I used around 3 meters (10 feet) of yarn.

Fancy crown

chain 10, turn
1. start in second chain from hook: sc9, ch2, turn
2. [skip one stitch, dc in second stitch, dc in skipped stitch*]4x, dc, ch1, turn
3. sc9, turn
4. ch8, dc in 4th stitch, ch6, dc in 6th stitch, ch8, slst in last stitch, ch1, turn
5. sc8 in first loop. [sc3, ch3, sc3] in second loop. sc8 in last loop.
I ended this crown by doing a little slst on the side of the crown.

Simple crown

chain 8, turn
1. start in second chain from hook: sc7, ch1, turn
2. inc, sc5, inc, ch1, turn
3. sc9, ch2, turn
4. tc, dc, sc, dc, tc, dc, sc, dc, tc, ch1, turn
5. inc, sc, slst, sc, (in one stitch: sc, hdc, sc), sc, slst, sc, inc

Big crown

And for the last crowns I used this pattern (which uses UK terms), but I changed two things:
– I skipped row 4
– With row 5, I did the htr in the 3rd, 5th, 7th and last stitch (instead of in the loops created in row 4)

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