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Shapes: Introduction

All amigurumi consist of different kinds of shapes,so knowing how to make these is important for both beginners and advanced crocheters. Making shapes is a good way to practice crochet before making a ‘real’ doll.

But shapes are also important for people who want to start making their own patterns. When I make a new pattern, I start by sketching the figure and figure out what shapes to make. For example, this is the sketch of my rooster:2017-01-29 16 02 Office Lens - kopie.jpg

You can see how this rooster is made up of a lot of spheres. So if people ask me for pattern making tips, I always say: know your shapes!

So I in the next couple of weeks I will share some patterns for different shapes 🙂

Week 1 – Circle, oval
Week 2 – Sphere, cylinder
Week 3 – Cones
Week 4 – Square, cube
Week 5 – Triangle, pyramid

Extra – staggering your circle

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