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Shapes: circle, oval

We’re going to start with some 2D shapes. Once you know these, you can make them into actual 3D shapes 🙂

So let’s start with two flat shapes that are often used in amigurumi: circles and ovals!


1. sc6 in magic ring (6)
2. inc 6x (12)
3. [inc, sc] 6x (18)
4. [inc, sc2] 6x (24)
5. [inc, sc3] 6x (30)
6. [inc, sc4] 6x (36)

As you can see, the circle made in this pattern is slightly hexagonal. If this bothers you, there is another way! You can do that by making a staggered circle instead of making a normal circle, like shown in this blog post. But I mostly just make the normal circle :).


If you look at an oval, you can see it’s basically 2 halve circles with a square in between. That is why the pattern for an oval is similar to that of a circle. This pattern is for an oval that has 5 stitches on the “straight side”, but you can change this to make your oval longer or shorter. To do that, just start with a chain that is 1 longer than your straight side and instead of sc5, sc as much as your straight side!

Most people will already know most abbreviations, but one that’s not commonly known is dinc: double increase (sc3 in one stitch). A full list of abbreviations can be found in my FAQ.

So now for the oval pattern:

chain 6
1. start your next stitch in the second chain from your hook, sc5, dinc, sc5, dinc (16)
2. sc5, inc 3x, sc5, inc 3x (22)
3. sc5, [inc, sc] 3x, sc5, [inc, sc] 3x (28)
4. sc5, [inc, sc2] 3x, sc5, [inc, sc2] 3x (34)
5. sc5, [inc, sc3] 3x, sc5, [inc, sc3] 3x (40)

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