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Shapes: square, cube

More shapes! Today is the day for squares and cubes. These are used a lot less frequently than spheres and circles, but they’re tons of fun to work with 🙂

– sc – single crochet
– inc – increase (sc2 in one stitch)
– dinc – double increase (sc3 in one stitch)
– dec – decrease (go from 2 stitches to one)
– ddec – double decrease (go from 3 stitches to one)


1. sc4 in ring (4)
2. dinc4 (12)
3. sc, [dinc, sc2] 3x, dinc, sc (20)
4. sc2, [dinc, sc4] 3x, dinc, sc2 (28)
5. sc3, [dinc, sc6] 3x, dinc, sc3 (36)


This cube starts and ends with a square that is 3 rows big. You can make this cube bigger by adding more rows, just make sure your start and end cube are the same size.

1. sc4 in ring (4)
2. dinc4 (12)
3. sc, [dinc, sc2] 3x, dinc, sc (20)
4. crochet this row in back loop only: sc20 (20)
5-8. sc20 (20)
9. crochet this row in back loop only: sc, [ddec, sc2] 3x, ddec, sc (12)
10. ddec4 (4)

4 thoughts on “Shapes: square, cube

  1. For those of us new to this type of pattern could there lease be an explanation of dinc and ddec. I take it this means double increase and double decrease but what does that mean practically?

    1. I will add an explanation! Double increase (dinc) means that you do 3 sc in one stitch (with normal increase you do 2) and double decrease (ddec) it is the opposite: you go from 3 stitches to 1. I see if I have time to make a video about this this week. Thanks for the feedback!

      1. Thank you. That would be much appreciated. I thought a double decrease/increase would be 4 x into the sc.

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