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Shapes: triangle, pyramid

And for the last shape group: triangular things! I will show you how to make triangles, tetrahedrons and pyramids 🙂


– sc – single crochet
– inc – increase (sc2 in one stitch)
– dinc – double increase (sc3 in one stitch)
– dec – decrease (go from 2 stitches to one)
– ddec – double decrease (go from 3 stitches to one)


1. sc6 (6)
2. [dinc, sc] 3x (12)
3. sc [dinc, sc3] 2x dinc sc2 (18)
4. sc2 [dinc, sc5] 2x dinc sc3 (24)
5. sc3 [dinc, sc7] 2x dinc sc4 (30)
6. sc4 [dinc, sc9] 2x dinc sc5 (36)


I made this tetrahedron by making 4 triangles (until row 4) and sewing those together. You can make a bigger or smaller tetrahedon by changing the size of the triangles. To get an even tetrahedon, each triangle should be the same size.


You can make a pyramid by making 4 triangles and a square. Just make sure your square has a similar amount of stitches on one side as your triangle.
Example: make 4 triangles until row 5 (30 stitches total, so each side will have 10 stitches) and 1 square until row 5 (36 stitches total, so each side will have 9 stitches).

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