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Wrap Up: August

This month I was mostly busy making things on my blog work, finishing 2 small patterns and doing 2 etsy orders.

I published some new patterns – a hamburger and a donut. I already finished most of the pattern last month, but I still had to do some finetuning, getting the pattern tested, take some pictures and actually writing the blog post.

I also made a post about creating images/graphs on the #toysforsyrianrefugeechildren bears. I love this little community and the project, so I’m hoping that with this post I could help :). When I first published this post last Wednesday, I hadn’t actually finished the bears, so I took some quick pictures while they were missing their heads! I did update the post last weekend, so now I also included pictures of the finished product.

People who follow me on Instagram may have seen some videos of me frantically trying to finish these bears – lots of crocheting in trains! They were lots of fun to work on and it was also interesting working with thicker yarn! I normally always use a 2.5mm hook with 100% cotton, but these toys were made using a 3.5 crochet hook and acrylic 🙂 I think it’s a nice way to switch it up and it might be good to also make some larger toys from time to time (can you believe these bears are the largest thing I ever made?).

I also had some Etsy orders that I made. I think etsy is great, because that way I earn some money with my crochet, which means I don’t have to feel guilty when buying more yarn ;). If anyone wants to start an etsy shop, if you make it via this link, we will both get 40 free listings! I think that’s the perfect way to start your shop, because then you don’t have to spend any money when opening your shop.


Apart from creating these patterns and making the orders, I did not get any crocheting done. But I did spend time brainstorming about the pattern I will make for 2018 Chinese New Year! Last year I made this rooster and next year is the year of the dog, so I’m busy figuring out how to make a dog :). Making bigger patterns like this take lots of time, so I’ll probably be busy with this pattern for the next couple of weeks. After that there is still testing, photography and next year we’ll have a Crochet Along in the Learn Amigurumi Crochet With Us facebook group!

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