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Free pattern: Little burger

I love making patterns for small stash busters! This little burger is perfect as a keychain for your junk food loving friends.

You can use any yarn, as long as you use the right hook size. Here is how to find the right hook size for your yarn. I used cotton yarn and a 2.5mm hook and my burger is 2.5cm/1 inch tall.

I usually make everything in continuous rounds, but I’ve found these buns actually work better if you do joined rounds.


  • sc – single crochet
  • inc – increase (sc2 in one stitch)
  • dec – decrease (go from 2 stitches to one), I recommend using invisible decrease
  • slst – slip stitch
  • ch – chain
  • dc – double crochet
  • BLO – work in back loops only


Top bun – beige
1. sc6 in magic ring (6)
2. inc 6x (12)
3. [inc, sc] 6x (18)
4. sc 18x (18)
5. BLO: [dec, sc] 6x (12)
stuff the bun with a tiny fit of filling
6. dec 6x (6)
Finish off

Bottom bun – beige
1. sc6 in magic ring (6)
2. inc 6x (12)
3. [inc, sc] 6x (18)
4. [dec, sc] 6x (12)
5. dec 6x (6)
Finish off

If you want, you can embroider some sesame seeds on the top bun. I did this by adding some french knots with white, but this step is totally optional.


Burger – brown
1. sc6 in magic ring (6)
2. inc 6x (12)
3. slst 12x (12)
Finish off

Tomato – red
1. sc5 in magic ring (5)
2. inc 5x (10)
Finish off

Cheese – yellow
1. chain 6, turn, start in second stitch from hook:
2-5. sc 5x, ch1, turn (5)
6. sc 5x (6)
Finish off

Lettuce – green
1. sc6 in magic ring (6)
Do what’s in between brackets in one stitch
2. (ch dc dc ch) (slst dc ch) (slst hdc sc) (slst) (dc dc dc) (slst)
Finish off

Do you want to make a different kind of burger (chicken, veggie, whatever you want!)? Maybe you can try changing some colors or even change the pattern depending on what you want your result to be like.

Sew the toppings between the buns, add a keychain and you’re all done!


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