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Wrap Up: July

I know I’m late! This month I sold some keychains on Etsy, so I was mostly busy making those (I’m not a fast crocheter haha). I sold things to Portugal, UK and my home country the Netherlands! It’s always so exciting to see where my stuff ends up. I actually made a map showing where my sales ship to, I’m slowly conquering the world ;). The map can be found on my about page.

My laptop also broke in July, which meant it was more difficult to make and publish patterns, so I’m sorry for that! I’m getting a new laptop this week, so I’ll try my best at uploading something new every week 🙂

This month I also found out about a great cause in the Netherlands – Het Nije huis (site is in Dutch). It’s an organization for (after)care and cancer support. After (hopefully) making 10km of bunting, they will sell parts and the money will go towards the organization. This cause is trying to make the largest crochet bunting in the world! I’m busy making lots of bunting – so look out for those new patterns!

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