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Free pattern: octopus

Another plushie I made that does not require any sewing!
You can use any yarn, as long as you use the right hook size. Here is how to find the right hook size for your yarn. For the orange one (keychain size), I used cotton yarn, a 2.5mm hook and 6mm safety eyes.
This plushie is worked in continuous rounds.


  • sc – single crochet
  • inc – increase (sc2 in one stitch)
  • dec – decrease (go from 2 stitches to one), I recommend using invisible decrease
  • slst – slip stitch
  • BLO – work in back loops only
  • FLO – work in front loops only


1. sc 6x in magic ring (6)
2. inc 6x (12)
3. [inc, sc]6x (18)
4. [inc, sc2]6x (24)
5-8. sc24 (24)
9. [dec, sc]8x (16)
Place eyes between row 7 and 8, with 5 stitches in between
10. [ch13, turn, start in 2nd chain from hook: slst2, sc10, slst2 in FLO of the 2nd and 3rd available stitch of the body]8x
11. BLO row 9: [dec, sc2]4x (12)
Fill your octopus
12. dec 6x (6)

If you don’t understand how to make row 10 and 11 (the tentacles and bottom), here is a video explaining that part.

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