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Free pattern modification: Graphs for teddy T-shirts

ATTENTION: These designs were made using the old Knot Forgotten patterns. Once I’ve made new patterns for the new toy sizes, I’ll post them to my site.

After hearing about Justine’s goal to make 500 toys before Christmas, to give to refugee children, I immediately wanted to make some! Because the pattern for the teddy is quite basic, I made some cute images to put on the T-shirt of the teddy 🙂 If you haven’t crocheted using graphs before, here is a video that explains how it works and how to change colors.

Here you can find Justine’s pattern for the teddy. Until row 19, you use Justine’s pattern for the teddy that you can find below. After that, you start with the shirt so you can use my pattern. After row 33, you use Justine’s pattern again.


Here is the pattern for the heart, both written and in graph form. In my case, TC=T-shirt color=red and AC=accent color=white.

20. TC: sc48
21. TC: sc48
22. TC: sc23, AC: sc2, TC: sc23
23. TC: sc22, AC: sc4, TC: sc22
24. TC: sc21, AC: sc6, TC: sc21
25. TC: sc20, AC: sc8, TC: sc20
26. TC: sc19, AC: sc10, TC: sc19
27. TC: sc18, AC: sc12, TC: sc18
28. TC: sc18, AC: sc12, TC: sc18
29. TC: sc18, AC: sc12, TC: sc18
30. TC: sc18, AC: sc5, TC: sc2, AC:sc5, TC: sc18
31. TC: sc19, AC: sc3, TC: sc4, AC:sc3, TC: sc19
32. TC: sc48
33. TC: sc48

More images

If you want, you can make even more designs this way, anything you can imagine is possible! (well, maybe not anything, but lots of things are possible). I used stitchfiddle to create my graphs, which are 24 stitches by 14 rows.

You can put these images on a shirt by starting each row with sc12 in your “background” color (which is white on all my graphs). After this, you so whatever the graph states. Once you’ve done the 24 stitches from the graph, you do 12sc again. This way, the image from the graph will appear on the front of the shirt.

It’s a bit difficult to explain, but I hope you understand! If you don’t, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment so I can try to explain the part you struggle with.

If you share this pattern on instagram, be sure to tag me (@WithLoveFeli) so I can see your creation! If you want you can also follow me on facebook and youtube, so you can see my new patterns and videos when they come out.

The middle teddy was made by Cristina from Spain, whose teddy’s I got to see when I was collecting toys so we could send them to Justine together

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