amigurumi, basics/tutorial

Basics: Yarn size

When reading a pattern, sometimes you might not know what yarn size to use. But I will now show you that (with amigurumi) it’s actually not that important to use the same yarn as the pattern states!

When making something that should be a particular size, gauge is very important. Normally, using the right gauge ensures that your piece of clothing will be the right size.

But with amigurumi, often it’s not that important how large your finished product is exactly. To show this, I have made 3 octopi, all with the same pattern, but with different yarn (and different hooks).

The smallest octopus was made with a 0,9mm hook (US 10, UK 4). The larger one with a 2,5mm hook (US C, UK 12) and the biggest one was made using a 3,5mm hook (US E, UK 9). All these octopi look right, they’re just all different sizes because I used different yarns. It is very important to make sure you’re using the right hook for your yarn, something I wrote more about in another post!

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