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Wrap Up: June

I started this month updating my etsy store to contain lots of little animal plushies/keychains. If you’re interested in buying these patterns, please say so! I haven’t digitalized them yet, but if anyone is interested I could always find some time :).

I also got an email from another person I met at King’s Day who had bought 2 plushies and already gave them away as gifts! So she placed an order for more plushies, which I finished this month :). I also got 2 etsy orders for the keychains, so lots of keychains this month!

I also started making some small new patterns of food, so those will be appearing on my blog in the coming few weeks! My facebook page is the easiest way to stay updated when I publish new stuff 🙂

I also made a video explaining how to make flowers on my youtube channel, so be sure to follow me on there if you’re interested in that 🙂

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