Wrapping / Packing tutorial

I recently got my first Etsy customer on my Etsy shop. So I’ll show you how I wrapped and packed it!


You need:

  • A box to send your package in
  • Tissue paper
  • Clear wrapping paper
  • Hole puncher
  • White paper
  • Tape (clear tape, washi tape, any tape)

packingtutorialNow for the tutorial:

  • Punch holes in the paper and save those little circles you end up with
  • Cut out a piece of tissue paper and a piece of clear wrapping paper of the same size, big enough to wrap your present in (or in this case, the Etsy order)
  • Sprinkle those little circles on the piece of clear wrapping paper
  • Pack the present in tissue paper. You don’t have to tape this shut, since we will double pack it.
  • Now pack the present in the clear wrapping paper, making sure the circles are on the inside, you can even put a little message in there (I put a little label with my shop name in there)
  • Now you can use some tape to make sure everything will keep its place.
  • You’re done! I left a handwritten message on the box and you can even put some business cards or coupons for your shop in there, anything you want!

You can also put other things between the tissue paper and clear wrapping paper, as long as it is not too thick!

IMG_20151029_100446Please tell me if you have any other great packaging/wrapping tips!

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