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Travel Tips for Hong Kong Daytrips

So I wrote my tips about Hong Kong City here, now it´s time for my day trips! I went on two day trips: Lamma island and Lantau island.

hklantauLantau Island: Big Buddha and Tai O fishing village

As many, this trip starts by taking the metro to Lantau Island (20 HK$, 30 minutes) and then waiting in a queue to buy tickets. I bought a return ticket for the cable cars (165 HK$), since the single ticket was not that much cheaper (115 HK$).

The cable cars give you a great view. Luckily the weather was nice, so I could see everything! Once you’re at the top, you can walk straight to the Big Buddha, from which you have even more great views.

There are some temples around the buddha and there is a ‘wisdom path’, from which there are more nice views (gotta love them views).

After that, I took the bus to the Tai O fishing village for 6HK$ single journey. You can also buy a ticket that includes the bus to the village, but that is more expensive. When in the village, there is a small ‘main road’ into the village, but if you turn right instead of taking this road, you walk into the country side. I thought it was very nice to see this ‘different side’ of Hong Kong I had not seen before!

hkbuddha2From there, I walked to the main village and took a boat trip (20 HK$) to see a pink dolphin that supposedly lived there. I didn’t expect to see anything, but I just like boat trips and wanted to see more of the island. But we actually saw the dolphin! And it really was pink! There are a lot of there boat trips from this city, but I found one that had mostly Chinese tourists, I loved their reaction of happy screaming in a language I don’t know!

The last bus back from Tai O goes at 16.45 and the last cable cars go at 18:00. You can also go back from Tai O directly to the metro station (so skip the cable cars), but that costs 20 HK$ and takes about an hour, so it’s only 20 HK$ less expensive than the cable cars with a return ticket. If you time it right, you will get to see the sunset from the cable cars, which gives you a totally different ride!

View from the ferry from Lamma Island to Central Hong Kong

Lamma Island

I went to Lamma Island to relax, so I did not do a lot there! I went with another Dutch girl I met at the hostel, so we took the boat to Yung Shue Long and walked from there to Sok Kwu Wan (about 1.5 hours), where we took the ferry back. If you walk this path, there are two beaches you come by where you can lay in the sand, swim a bit etc. There also are some shops where they sell water and ice cream. One tip: bring flip flops, because the sand is hot like lava!

I heard there is a nice view from the mountain you can climb in the second village, but we thought it was too hot and not shady enough to climb mountains. But I think this is definitely an option if you are a more skilled walker, just remember to always bring enough water and some food!

The ferries don’t go often, so there is a chance you have to wait a while, but there are some restaurants and shops. The boat takes about 30 minutes and costs about 18 HK$ for a single journey from Central Hong Kong.

Hope you liked the tips and don’t forget to check out my other Hong Kong post!

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