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Updated pattern: heart in 1 row

I previously shared a pattern for a heart in 1 row and figured it was perfect to update this pattern for Valentines Day!

I’m publishing this blog in February, so if you make the pattern now, you’re right on time to make lots of them for Valentines Day. The pattern is made in just 1 round, so you can make lots of them and it won’t take you too long. Once you understand this pattern, it will take just minutes to make one! You can make them in lots of different colors or just pink-red-colors like I did.

You can then leave these hearts everywhere: put them in envelopes if you send a card, give them to all your friends – whatever you want!

I used 125m/50g cotton yarn with a 2,5 mm crochet hook, but you can use any yarn, as long as you use the right hook to go with it. In this blog, I explain how you can find the right hook for your yarn.


In magic ring: ch1, tc, dc, sc2, ch2, sc2, dc, tc, ch1, slst

Knot the ends together and weave them in.

For this updated version I also made this little graph to show you what I’m doing, I hope this helps!

I’ve made a bunch of these to send out for Valentines Day. What are you planning to do with them? Tell me in the comments!

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