WithLoveFeli’s 2019 In Review

Last year I published my blog statistics – demographics, most read blogs etc. I figured I’d do that again this year 🙂

I very much hope that you like reading these and otherwise feel free to scroll on :). I’m going to publish a new pattern this week so be sure to follow me on my social media to stay tuned!

WithLoveFeli statistics

Best month: November – 4,058 pageviews, 2,409 visitors
Worst month: September – 2,001 views, 1,070 visitors

Total in 2019: 32,078 views

I’m glad to see my total view/visitor amount went up with almost 50% this year!

In February, I published my Chinese New Year’s dog, of which I also did a CAL on facebook. This month was almost as popular as November, but in November lots of people (more than 1000!) looked at my snowman which explains why that was such a popular month.

September was also my worst month last year, so I think that might have to do with summer holidays or something like that. But my worst month this year was still higher than lots of months last year, so I’m very happy about that!

In 2019, I actually only posted blogs in January, February, March and May. So next year I definetely want to blog more! I have lots of nice patterns, just haven’t posted them yet 🙂


Most of my readers (almost 95%) are female and I have readers of all ages!
Just like last year, the biggest group (29%) is 55-64. 25-34, 35-44 and 45-54 all make up 15%-20% of readers.

More than 40% of you is from the US, followed by the UK (10%) and Canada (6%)

Interesting fact: I’m from the Netherlands, but less than 5% of my readers is also Dutch!

Social media

2018 – 134 likes
2019 – 218 likes

2018 – 277 followers
2019 – 378 followers

2018 – 299 subscribers
2019 – 546 subscribers

2018 – 82 subscribers
2019 – 178 subscribers

Most Read Articles of 2019

  1. Free pattern: parrot – I love that this small pattern still got so many views 🙂
  2. Free Pattern: Dog for Chinese New Year – It’s interesting to see that this was more popular than 2019’s pig!
  3. Free Pattern: Rooster for Chinese New Year – This was 2017’s pattern but I love that people still look at it|
  4. Free Pattern: Pig for Chinese New Year – And on number 4 is 2019’s Lunar New Year pattern. These patterns take a long time to make so it’s nice to see people are enjoying making them
  5. Free Pattern: Tiny Snowman – This pattern got little views when I posted it last year but this year I guess I posted the pattern in the right facebook group, because it got enough views in November to move to this spot.
So how was your year? Do you have any things you want to see more of on this blog this year? Please tell me in the comments 😀

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