WithLoveFeli’s 2018 In Review

I love reading peoples blogging statistics, especially when it’s not a very big blog but a small one like this.

I very much hope that you like reading these as well and otherwise feel free to scroll on!

WithLoveFeli statistics

Best month: February – 4,551 pageviews, 1,983 visitors
Worst month: September – 1,179 views, 638 visitors

Total in 2018: 23,123 views

In February, I published my Chinese New Year’s dog, of which I also did a CAL on facebook. This is my most popular post and pattern, so that explains why February was so busy! It was around 2 times as busy as a “normal” month.

I didn’t publish anything in July or August and only started posting again at the end of September, so that’s probably why September was the worst month.

Most of my readers (almost 95%) are female and I have readers of all ages!
The biggest group (29%) is 55-64, but 25-34, 35-44 and 45-54 all make up 15%-20% of readers.

Almost 35% is from the US, followed by the UK (8,8%) and the Netherlands (7,5%)

Social media
Facebook: 134 likes
Instagram: 277 followers
YouTube: 299 subscribers
Mailchimp: 82 subscribers

In 2019 I want to start a newsletter and focus more on YouTube, so be sure to follow me there if you don’t already!

Most Read Articles of 2018

  1. Free Pattern: Dog for Chinese New Year – I worked very hard on this so happy people liked it and I will be continuing this ‘Chinese New Year’ series!
  2. Free pattern: parrot – I love that this small pattern still got so many views 🙂
  3. Free Pattern: Rooster for Chinese New Year – This was 2017’s pattern but I love that people still look at it 🙂
  4. Free pattern: plane – I made this pattern because I was trying out different techniques of making something without sewing and I’m glad to see you guys seemed to like it as well
  5. Free pattern: plane with propeller – This is the plane pattern, but with propeller. It’s interesting to see that they both seem to be almost equally popular.
So how was your year? What did you accomplish? And do you have any things you want to see more of on this blog this year? Please tell me in the comments 😀

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