Tidying Up your crochet supplies

The Netflix series ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo’ started on Netflix January 1st. So many people seemed to love it and it also reminded me that I have more decluttering to do!

I actually first listened by Marie Kondo’s book “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” in 2016, but never really got around to actually implementing what I learned. But in the summer of 2018 I listened to “The Joy of Less” by Francine Jay and “Goodbye Things” by Fumio Sasaki and after that I finally started decluttering.

If you don’t know what the konmari method is, it’s a decluttering method where you hold each object you own and ask yourself “does this spark joy?”. If something sparks joy, you can keep it. If it does not, you thank it for what it gave or taught you and donate/recycle it. When going through what you own, you do not tackle spaces (junk drawer, wardrobe, kitchen, etc.) but categories (clothes, books, paper, etc.). If you’re interested in this method, lots of people made videos about it (like this one from HTGYST) that are way more eloquent than this one. You can also of course read the book or watch the Netflix series.

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My goal was to declutter my whole house using the konmari method, using the categories from this list I found. The only difference was that I split the category craft supplies into multiple smaller categories:

  • yarn
  • crochet supplies
  • fabric & sewing supplies
  • drawing & painting supplies
  • paper & notebooks
  • bookbinding supplies
  • embroidery supplies
  • washi tape & miscellaneous

Because I did not want to overwhelm myself, I choose to declutter just a few small categories a week. Here are the before and after picture of my drawing and painting supplies (I love taking pictures like this to really see how much I have):

After! I gave away almost all duplicates and things I didn’t see myself using this year.

Now it’s 2019 and the only craft categories I haven’t done are crochet supplies & yarn. I’m going to declutter those two categories soon and will write down any tips that I can think of for people who also want to declutter their hobby supplies.

So be sure to follow this blog if you want to keep following this journey!

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