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Book Review: “Ik hou van Holland & haken”

Ik hou van Holland & haken - Christel Krukkert









  • original patterns
  • clear pictures of finished products


  • confusing formatting
  • no WIP-pictures
  • less suited for beginners

First book review! Last week I went to the local library to look at some crochet patterns. One book that particularly stood out to me was the Dutch book “Ik hou van Holland & haken”, which basically means “I love Holland and crochet”. This book contains lots of typical Dutch patterns – from a windmill to the royal family to a typical Dutch sausage.

I’ll start this review by explaining what I grade this book on:

  • Originality: How original are the patterns? Are there many books like this?
  • Instructions: Are the instructions clear? Are all supplies listed?
  • Lay-out: How is the lay-out of the book? Is it easy to find and read the patterns? Are there nice pictures?

And now for the review!


I really loved the patterns in this book. I found that the patterns were all very nice and were all patterns I would make. Since this is a Dutch book, it contains many patterns of subjects I loved, but hadn’t seen a pattern of before. This makes it all very original and very . I also loved that most of the patterns were made in a similar scale, so you can make a whole old Dutch village :).

But a very big con is the layout of this book: all the text is just crammed onto a page without line breaks. The different crochet rows don’t get their own rows in the book, which makes some patterns more difficult to read. I also found one tiny mistake in a pattern (it said “row 2-4: chain 1, turn” instead of “row 2-4: 6 sc, chain 1, turn”). It also only contained pictures of the finished product, no progress pictures. All of this might make this book less suitable for beginners, but more advanced crocheters will be able to look through that and love this book as much as I do!

Favourite pattern: Frau Antje, a lady wearing old Dutch clothing

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