Custom Orders

I make my own patterns, but I also sell custom dolls! Are you interested in something that’s not on this page? You can contact me by emailing me here or on social media (like facebook or instagram) and we can discuss how to make this happen 🙂

I have a lot of different kind of crafts that I love doing, like crochet, embroidery and felt crafts.


One of the things I love making are small dolls. If you provide me a character or some pictures, I will try to match that as closely as possible. During the whole process of making the doll, I will keep you updated and sometimes give you some options to the different looks we can create.

These dolls are made with 100% mercerized cotton and filled with fiberfill. They have heavier filling in the bottom, which makes them stand and not fall over. Often I will use embroidery thread, felt, fabric or wire to add extra details.

Steps 1: Initial planning

I always start with finding some nice reference pictures. Sometimes I will combine some reference pictures to make the doll look exactly how I want it to.

I will then make a drawing of what I plan to make, so that the buyer can check whether they’d like to change anything. Sometimes I’ll also send over some possibilities for colors.

Step 2: Start crocheting

After we agreed on the look, I can start crocheting! This is the part where the little doll comes to life

Step 3: Final touches

Before I send out the doll, I always check whether the buyer wants to change anything. An example can be that the hair needs to be tweaked a bit, like I did with Supergirl: I added some extra hair to the left version (the ‘after’ picture was before I gave her an extra trim)

Doll information

These small dolls are about 7cm / 2,5 inches tall. Every doll is unique, since I will custom design them. Even if you want the exact same doll someone else has bought before you, there will still be little differences because everything is handmade.


Apart from dolls, I can also make other things! For example, I also make custom rattles. If you want, we can add a name to the handle of these to make them personalized.

When making stuff for young children, I will not use safety eyes. While they may be called “safety eyes” they are not recommended for use when making something for children under 3. I also use yarn and filling that can be washed at 40°C.

With amigurumi, you can make almost anything. So if you’d like a custom present for anyone in your life, just send me a message and we can figure out what we can make 😀


I enjoy embroidery and can make custom embroidery as well. I can make embroidery with text, colors and pictures that mean something for you.

Felt crafts

Patterns by littledear

I have also made several kinds of felt crafts. If you find a pattern you want made, I can buy it and make it for you!


I can also make custom bracelets. Here are some examples of bracelets I’ve made