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Materials I like to use

Over the years I’ve collected a lot of crochet materials. For beginners, it might sound overwhelming what to buy if you want to start making amigurumi. In this blog post, I will tell you some materials that I have an use. I will also explain which extra’s I like to use and whether I have a preferred brand.


There are very little essentials, so you can start making amigurumi for less than 10 euros! Over the years, I’ve bought more expensive versions of some of the materials, but it’s fine to start with cheaper versions if you can’t or don’t want to make any bigger investments yet,

Crochet hook

One thing you absolutely need is a crochet hook. You can start with a simple 1 euro crochet hook you might be able to find at your local craft store.

If you are crocheting more, you can experiment with more expensive hooks. I find that these hooks are nicer to hold and give you less pain in your hands.

My favourite: Addi Swing 2.5mm (8-10 euros)


The second thing you absolutely need is yarn. You can use lots of different kinds of yarn, so your local craft store might already have some options you can use to learn if you don’t want to invest in more expensive yarn.

As you crochet more, you might get a preference for a certain material or certain brand of yarn. In my case, I like 100% cotton fingering yarn.

My favourite: Scheepjes Catona (2-3 euros for 50g)


You need to fill your amigurumi with something so it keeps its shape. This can be anything that is soft, from fabric scraps to the inside of a cushion. You can also buy special “fiberfill filling”, but I’ve not found a difference between this and a cheap cushion.

My favourite: Any cheap cushion with polyester filling, I think mine was 1.50 euros for a 40×40 cushion

Yarn needle

To embroider details or hide your yarn tails, you can use a yarn needle. You can buy big plastic needles, but I prefer the metal ones since they are a bit smaller. I think I found mine in my moms sewing box, but you can find sets online for about 2 euros


Again – you don’t need anything fancy and can start with any scissors you have laying around the house. I prefer to use embroidery scissors, because their small size makes it easier to snip away any tiny threads.

My friends recently got me some super cute new scissors for my birthday (so I don’t know where they got it), but before that I used a 2 euro pair of embroidery scissors from a local market.


Like said, there are few things you absolutely need for amigurumi. But still, there are a lot of extra things you can buy if you want! I’ve collected a lot of things over the years – some I bought, others I got gifted. You absolutely don’t need all of these things, but I will still note them down here in case you want to know what I use (or if your birthday is coming up and you’re looking for present ideas 😛 )


I often use safety eyes as eyes for any animals or dolls I might make. I always buy them on aliexpress. I use 6mm safety eyes the most, but it’s also nice to have a variety of different sizes around.


I like crocheting tiny things, so I like having some keychains I can attach them to. I bought a bunch of them online once and am still using them up!

Felt or fabric

Felt or fabric is perfect for adding details to your amigurumi. I just use any felt from my local craft store, which has a thickness 0.8-1mm.

My favourite: I use these for 6mm eyes and these for the variety box – but any will work fine

Fabric glue

Sometimes you don’t want to sew everything on, but just use some fabric glue! I actually just use the cheapest glue I could find. Mine is from the Dutch store Action and I think it was less than 1 euro.

Plastic mesh

I bought some plastic mesh that I like to use at the bottom of my amigurumi to make them not fall over. Any plastic mesh will do, my mesh was originally sold to embroider on.

Rattle accessories

If you want to make a rattle, you can buy rattle disks or rattle balls. Bite rings are also a fun thing to add to your baby amigurumi, you can find both wood and plastic variations.

I have these rattle disks from aliexpress, which were less than 2 euros for 10 rattle inserts. The rest is all stuff my mom found at a sale from a craft store that was shutting down.


I figured I’d also put my filming supplies here – because I don’t have a lot!

Camera (phone)

There are a lot of different camera’s, but all of my videos are just filmed on my phone! My older videos were filmed on a Honor 6 phone, but I have a Samsung Galaxy S8 now. Mine is actually a refurbished phone, so that’s a great option.

Phone holder

I have a simple flexible phone holder that I use to secure my phone as I am filming. This isn’t a perfect solution, because I have to make sure not to bump into my table since it’s not that secure. But it works ok for now 😛

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  1. It’s so interesting to see what other people are using to crochet and make their amigurumi! I personally like a slightly thicker yarn and bigger hook but I love the colours for the Catona ☺️

    1. Yeah I see so many people using amazing other yarn. But it’s also just that 100% cotton yarn in that thickness is actually really easy to get here, so that also plays a big part in why I use that yarn 🙂

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