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Free pattern: Rectangular basket

I love these cute little baskets for organizing random bits and bobs around the house. You can easily make them in a variety of different sizes. I will show you how I made my basket (which was 15 x 9 x 8cm, or 6 x 3½ x 3⅛ inch), but will also explain the extra fun part: how to make this basket in any size you might want to make it in.

The first basket you make might be a bit of hassle because you’re still figuring out how the pattern works. But I promise you that once you understand how to make these baskets, they are really easy to make! You can make them in any size you want, which makes them perfect for organizing tricky places.

I used the textile yarn I made myself and a 6mm crochet hook. If you want to learn how to make this yarn from an old t-shirt, that is explained in the video down below or this blog post.

You can make this with any yarn you want, as long as you match it with the right size crochet hook as explained in this blog post. Baskets made with bigger crochet hooks, will turn out bigger – so they’ll also take less time to make!

So now for the pattern! I’ll start with how I made my basket, after which I’ll explain how to make the basket in any size you want.

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My Pattern

6mm crochet hook & homemade t-shirt yarn / textile yarn

(15 x 9 x 8cm, or 6 x 3½ x 3⅛ inch)

1-7. sc15, ch1, turn
8. sc15
9. Crochet around the basket base: sc46
10-13. sc46
14. sc2, slst5, sc18, slst5, sc16
15. sc2, ch5, sc18, ch5, sc16
16. sc46

Finish off

Make your own pattern!

Chain 1 longer than the size you want your basket to be. In my case this was ch16.

Now sc in every chain, skipping the one nearest to your hook. The amount of sc will be 1 stitch less than you chained. This will give you a thin rectangle, which will be the length of your basket. If you want a longer basket, you should undo the sc and add a few chains. If you want a smaller basket, do the opposite.

Once you have the right amount of stitches for your basket size, ch1 and turn your work around. Now you can sc in every stitch, which will be the same amount as sc as in your last row. Continue doing this until your crochet rectangle will be the size you like best. For me, this was 8 rows of sc15.

Once you have this basket base, we’ll make the rest of the basket. To do this, we will first crochet around the basket base. My basket base has 8 rows, so I did 8sc on the sides. For the top and bottom of the basket base, I did the 15 stitches as my basket width.

Once I’ve crocheted around my basket base, I will have 8+15+8+15=46 stitches, but this number is different if your basket base has different dimensions. I will now sc46 on every row, until my basket is just 3 rows lower than what height I want my basket to have. Once I’ve reached that height, I will work on the handles. If you don’t want any handles, just work until you have reached the height you want and finish off.

I want my handles to be 5 stitches long. If you make a bigger basket, you might want bigger handles. I then check where the middle of the short side is and count back 2-3 stitches. This will be where the start of my handle will be. Crochet normally using sc until you reach this point. Now slst for as long as you want your handles to be (slst5 in my case), after that continue to sc and repeat the same for the other handle.

For the next row, sc until we reach the slst from the previous row. Instead of working in the slst, we will chain for how long we want the handle to be. So I chain 5. After this, sc in the first non-slst stitch and continue until the other handle, where you will do the same.

For the last row of your basket, sc all around, including in the chains of the previous row. This amount of sc will be the same as the other rows you did. And you’re done! Finish off the basket with a slst and weave in the yarn end for a neat finish.

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