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Free Pattern: TARDIS from Doctor Who

This TARDIS is crocheted in continuous rounds. Using stitch markers or a contrasting color of yarn can help you to count stitches.

You can use any yarn, as long as you use the right hook size. Here is how to find the right hook size for your yarn. I used cotton yarn and a 2,5mm hook and my tardis is 3.5 cm/1 ¼ inch tall.

Here is a link to this pattern on ravelry. If you want to share what you made, you can tag me on Instagram (@WithLoveFeli) so I can see all of your creations 😀

I also made a video tutorial for this pattern if you prefer that!


  • sc – single crochet
  • inc – increase (sc2 in one stitch)
  • dinc – double increase (sc3 in one stitch)
  • dec – decrease (go from 2 stitches to one), I recommend using invisible decrease
  • ddec – double decrease (go from 3 stitches to one)
  • FPST – front post stitch
  • BPST – back post stitch
  • BLO – work in back loops only
  • sc6 – single crochet 6 times
  • [inc, sc] 6x – repeat the thing between the brackets 6 times
  • (36) – at the end of the round, you will have 36 stitches

What I used

  • 2,5mm crochet hook (size 1/B in US, size 12 in Canada)
  • 125g/50m 100% cotton yarn (also called sport, 12wpi or 5 ply) in blue
  • a bit of white yarn (for the windows)
  • a bit of black and white sewing thread
  • white felt
  • stuffing (this can be polyester fiberfill, fabric scraps or the inside of an old pillow)
  • yarn needle, scissors, stitch markers



1.     sc6 in magic ring (6)
2.     inc 6x (12)
3.     sc, [dinc, sc2]3x, dinc, sc (20)
4.     BPST20 (20)
5-12.    sc2, [FPST, sc4]3x, FPST, sc2 (20)
13.    BLO: sc, [ddec, sc2]3x, ddec, sc (12)
14.    dec 6x

Surface crochet around the top and bottom

I added a drawing of what I embroidered. The actual tardis is more detailed, but it’s also more than 4 cm tall, so I figured this should do 🙂

Embroider the text “police” on a piece of white felt and sew it to the police box.

Embroider windows on the police box with white. I gave 3 sides two bigger windows and the other side 2 smaller windows. The side with the smaller windows is the entrance, so I embroidered a door with black thread. I also added some detail for the instruction sign.

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