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Free pattern: Tiny Snowman

For Christmas I made this tiny snowman. Because of his size and weight he’s perfect to send to friends via post! You can also use this pattern to make a bigger version – just use thicker yarn. Because of the small size of this snowman, they are perfect if you don’t have a lot of time or yarn left. 

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White, black and orange yarn (I used sock mending yarn)
Thinner black thread (I used sewing thread)
Crochet hook (I used size 0.9)
Sewing/yarn needle
Stitch marker


  • sc – single crochet
  • inc – increase (sc2 in one stitch)
  • dec – decrease (go from 2 stitches to one), I recommend using invisible decrease
  • BLO – work in back loops only
  • FLO – work in front loops only

The snowman and hat are worked in the round. The snowman is worked from the bottom up (So you start with the body, then the head)

My tester Ashley made this cutie for in the Christmas tree. The snowman is made with a 3mm hook and DK yarn (8ply) and the hat with a 3mm hook with worsted weight yarn (10ply, so a bit thicker).
Tester Uschi made this little snowman she called Snowy. She used a 2mm hook and fingering yarn (4ply)



1. sc 6x in magic ring (6)
2. inc 6x (12)
3. (inc, sc3) 3x (15)
4. sc15 (15)
5. sc15 (15)
6. (dec, sc3) 3x (12)
Start stuffing the body
7. dec6 (6)
8. FLO: (inc, sc) 3x (9)
9. (inc, sc2) 3x (12)
10. sc12 (12)
11. (dec, sc2) 3x (9)
Finish stuffing the head
12. (dec, sc) 3x (6)
Finish off


1. sc 5x in magic ring (5)
2. inc 5x (10)
3. BLO: sc10 (10)
4. sc10 (10)
5. FLO: (inc, sc) 5x (15)
Slip stitch to finish off


1. ch2


Attach the nose on row 10
Make french knots as eyes around row 10-11
Make 3 french knots as buttons on the snowman body
Embroider the arms: 1 stitch for the arm, 3 for the hands

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