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Wrap Up: August

This month I was mostly busy making things on my blog work, finishing 2 small patterns and doing 2 etsy orders. I published some new patterns – a hamburger and a donut. I already finished most of the pattern last month, but I still had to do some finetuning, getting the pattern tested, take some… Read More Wrap Up: August

hall of fame

Wrap Up: July

I know I’m late! This month I sold some keychains on Etsy, so I was mostly busy making those (I’m not a fast crocheter haha). I sold things to Portugal, UK and my home country the Netherlands! It’s always so exciting to see where my stuff ends up. I actually made a map showing where… Read More Wrap Up: July

amigurumi, hall of fame

Wrap Up: June

I started this month updating my etsy store to contain lots of little animal plushies/keychains. If you’re interested in buying these patterns, please say so! I haven’t digitalized them yet, but if anyone is interested I could always find some time :). I also got an email from another person I met at King’s Day… Read More Wrap Up: June

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Basics: Yarn size

When reading a pattern, sometimes you might not know what yarn size to use. But I will now show you that (with amigurumi) it’s actually not that important to use the same yarn as the pattern states! When making something that should be a particular size, gauge is very important. Normally, using the right gauge… Read More Basics: Yarn size