Knot Forgotten

Klik hier voor de Nederlandse vertaling van het KnotForgotten ebook.

Are you from Europe? Send me a message and maybe we can ship our toys together to save shipping cost!

You can also just send me the un-filled skins, so they fit in an envelop and shipping is cheaper.

Bear / beer

Here are patterns for different t-shirt designs (USES OLD DESIGN!)

Bunny / konijn

Here is a post about how to make a pompom

Monkey / aap

If you want to make the top of your fez more sturdy, use this method!

Owl / uil

I never like sewing crochet parts, so I made this litte picture showing how to do the owl wings without sewing

1. Make the foundation circle, don’t cut the yarn!
2. Chain 12
3. Turn, work 2sc (inc) into second chain from hook. Continue across by increasing (doing 2sc) into every stitch until the end of the chain (22)
4. Slip stitch 2 times in the foundation circle
Repeat step 2-4 for the other 3 curls

1. Maak de begincirkel, knip de draad niet!
2. Maak een ketting van 12 losse
3. Draai je werk om, 2v in iedere 1e v in de tweede losse vanaf de haak. Herhaal dit (2v in iedere 1e v) tot het einde van de ketting (22)
4. Haak 2 halve vasten in de begincirkel.
Herhaal stap 2-4 voor de 3 andere krullen