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Tutorial: 2 ways to make a pompom

One of the new patterns for Knot Forgotten is a cute bunny with a pompom as tail, so I figured I’d make a video explaining how to make pompoms! First, I’ll explain how to make it using nothing but your hands and yarn, and the second one used a piece of cardboard.

Method 1: using your hands

  1. Wrap the yarn around your middle and pointy finger, leaving 3cm (1 inch) between your fingers
  2. Once sufficiently wrapped, cut the yarn
  3. Cut a seperate piece of yarn that’s 30cm long (12 inches), we will call this the extra yarn
  4. “Thread” this extra yarn between your fingers and wrap it around the wrapped yarn, make a knot
  5. Cut the “loops” of the wrapped yarn
  6. Wrap the extra yarn around the wrapped yarn again, making sure it’s nice and tight
  7. Now you have your pompom! You can cut it in any shape or size you want

Method 2: using cardboard

  1. Cut a piece of cardboard 10 cm by the diameter you want.
  2. Cut it in the shape of the pictures below, where the slit is 1cm (1/2 inch). The example below gives a pompom of 4 cm (2 inches)
  3. Do step 1-7 of the first method, using the cardboard instead of your hands

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