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Free pattern: plane with propeller

New pattern: A little plane! I also made a version without propeller (it’s the same size and everything, just no propeller).

If you don’t understand the abbreviations used, you can find them in my faq. If you want to make this plane without any sewing, here is a video that shows how to attach the wings as you crochet the body.


  • 4 colors yarn (I like to use 100% cotton yarn like Scheepjes Larra, but you can use any yarn, as long as it matches your hook):
    • white
    • red
    • main color
    • wing color (if you want, this can be the same as the main color
  • crochet hook (I used 2,5 because it matches my yarn size)
  • darning needle
  • scissors
  • filling



wings (make 2)

make in wing color
1. sc6 in magic ring (6)
2. inc6 (12)
3. [inc, sc3] (15)
4-8. sc15 (15)
9. Fold and go through both layers at once: sc7 (7)

propeller (make 2)

make in white
1. sc6 in magic ring (6)
2. [inc, sc]3x (9)
3-4. sc9 (9)
5. [dec, sc]3x (6)
6. [dec, sc]2x (4)
7. Fold and go through both layers at once: sc2 (2)


start with red
1. sc6 in magic ring (6)
2. [go through both the layer of the plane and propeller: sc2, inc]2x (8)
3. [sc2, dec]2x (6)
4. switch to main color: inc6 (12)
5. [inc, sc]6x (18)
6-7. sc18 (18)
8. [inc, sc2]6x (24)
9-11. sc24 (24)

12. sc8, now leave this loop alone for a bit while we work on the window

switch to white:
ch1 on the next available stitch,
sc8, ch1, turn
sc8, ch1, turn
dec, sc4, dec, ch1, turn
sc6, ch1, turn
dec, sc2, dec

continue where you left off with the main color: 14sc around the white window you just created (I did 5 on both sides, 4 on the top), 8sc (30)
13-17. sc30 (30)
18. sc14, dec, sc2, dec, sc10 (28)
19. sc28 (28)
20. sc13, dec, sc2, dec, sc9 (26)
21. sc26 (26)
22. sc11, dec4, sc7 (22)
23. sc22 (22)
24. sc11, dec2, sc7 (20)
25. sc10, dec2, sc6 (18)
Fill your plane
26. [sc, dec]6x (12)
27. switch to wing color: sc7, inc2, sc5 (14)
28. sc8, inc2, sc6 (16)
29. sc9, inc2, sc7 (18)
30. sc9, dec2, sc7 (16)
31. sc3, Fold and go through both layers at once: slst7 (7)


Sew the wings on the body starting at row 12 (the row where you started the window), 2 stitches from the window (so on the third stitch). Here is a picture where I placed mine:
IMG_20170507_174233 - kopie

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