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Basics: Crochet (travel) kit

Over time, I have collected quite some crochet supplies and I have made these into a little kit – perfect for crocheting on the go (although I have to admit I also use this kit at home!)

The tin is about 9 x 6 x 2.5 cm (3.5 x 2.5 x 1 inch). This tin originally contained a USB drive, but it perfectly fits everything I need!

So what does it contain?

IMG_20170302_174502 - kopie.jpg

  • stick – I know this may sound weird, but I keep a little wooden stick (I think it was once a popsicle stick?) that I use for getting my filling all the way in all the corners of my amigurumi
  • filling – I have a tiny amount of filling in my kit. I have a larger bag of filling in my room, but this is a perfect amount for if I’m doing micro crochet
  • needles – I have 3 different needles: a normal sewing needle, a darning needle and something in between
  • pins – I have some pins and safety pins I use for making sure all my parts are in the right place before sewing them on
  • felt – I have a small amount of black and white felt, since these are the colors I use most often
  • wire – Sometimes you just need a little wire to make your ami stand by itself
  • washer – I use a washer to get my safety eyes on easier, like this
  • eyes – I have some 6mm safety eyes in this kit
  • marker – A little stitch marker I made
  • thread – Because sometimes you need something that’s smaller than yarn
  • scissors – Pretty self-explanatory
  • counter – Last but not least: my stitch counter!

It’s great how all of this fits in such a small tin! To show how small it is, here are some pictures.

The first is a 2.5 mm hook and yarn (the blue yarn is a 50 gram yarn ball) and the second one is some thread and a 0.5 mm hook.

And the smallest package is with a 1.0 mm hook and some sock mending thread. I am thinking of buying a capped 1.0 hook like the 0.5 hook I have to make it even smaller 🙂

Do you have a kit like this? Or does your kit contain anything else you really can’t miss? Please comment below!

3 thoughts on “Basics: Crochet (travel) kit

  1. I have a project bag with an accessories pouch that I use. I have pretty much all of what you have including a tape measure, buttons and most importantly a lotion bar. Crocheting makes my hands dry out so easily, the lotion bar is all natural and has a lot of oils in it which is perfect for me

    1. The lotion bar sounds very useful! I might have to add something like that to my kit (especially in winter!)

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