amigurumi, shapes

Shapes: circle, oval

We’re going to start with some 2D shapes. Once you know these, you can make them into actual 3D shapes 🙂 So let’s start with two flat shapes that are often used in amigurumi: circles and ovals!

amigurumi, shapes

Shapes: Introduction

All amigurumi consist of different kinds of shapes,so knowing how to make these is important for both beginners and advanced crocheters. Making shapes is a good way to practice crochet before making a ‘real’ doll. But shapes are also important for people who want to start making their own patterns. When I make a new… Read More Shapes: Introduction


Little Doves

I made these cute little doves for my friends who are moving. New house means new keys, means new key chains! I did skip the last row of the wings, since I felt that they looked nicer that way 🙂